A Story From Hoskins Hollow.....
A Community Near Oliver Springs
This story comes from a family member  . She remembers as a
child visiting her great great grandmother . The elderly lady
would tell stories to her grandchildren on occasion and the story
below is one of those stories . The family member is in her 50's
now and was very young when the story was told to her . A
guesstimate as to the time these events actually took place would
be late 1800's to early 1900's . This story is told in the actual
words of the hearer......
This story was told to me when I was 8 to 10 years old by my
GG grandmother Jordan at her home in Lafollette .I
remember her as an old lady laid up in a hospital bed  . She
was a diabetic and had no legs . She had some mean little dogs
in her house . They were her protectors .
She told me when she was 10 or 12 years old she would play in
the fields of Hoskins Hollow.......she was a Hoskins by birth
and grew up there . One day she ventured into the point of the
hollow where the trees and hills started and found pine needles
on the ground under some downed trees . It looked like
someone slept there and there were black thin hairs all in the
place .  She and her dog were the only ones there . She would
always pack a sandwich and some fruit to snack on  . She
would leave what she did'nt eat . She would go back the next
day and it would be gone . She felt safe but always felt like
something was watching her . One evening at about dark she
heard something scream at her......a growl and a cry . She still
was not afraid . She continued to leave food under the downed
trees and once hid to see if she could see what was taking the
food . She once saw a large black figure in the woods she
believed did not see her . It would open its mouth and breathe
in large amounts of air as though it was tasting it . Other times
she would only see shadows of movement in the trees .