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The photo on the right is a still frame of
the Patterson Gimlin film . On the left is
enhancement of the facial features in
the same still frame . There has been
much debate over the authenticity of
this film....meaning , there are differing
views....scientific and otherwise
whether this film shows a man in a suit
or an actual as yet undiscovered
human-like creature .
For hundreds of  years there have been reports of an ape-like , man-like creature
living in the forests  , plains , and swamps of the United States . In fact  , these
reports come from all over the world . The Pacific Northwest is definitely where
a majority of these reports originate .
However , the state of Tennessee is also a hotbed of reports......visual sightings  ,
unknown sounds  , as well as other possible evidence . Many of the major
websites on this subject have detailed reports in their databases from our state .
We here at East Tennessee Bigfoot  believe this creature is alive and well here
in our area . We also believe there may be folks out there who have had an
encounter and either don't know who to get in touch with or are afraid to speak
openly about what they may have seen or heard . Our main purpose is to gather
and investigate bigfoot reports here in East Tennessee . All personal information
is confidential and there is no payment or donation required or asked for .
We would like to speak to you about your encounter by phone and possibly in
person . We would also like to know the location of the encounter . Again ,
personal addresses or even street numbers will not be used in our online report  .
Lastly , we would like to investigate the encounter by actually doing field
research.......visiting the location of the encounter and poking around a bit  , look
for footprints , hair samples , scat , possibly Bigfoot itself .
Finally , let it be known that our organization is a NO KILL organization . We
do not hunt Bigfoot with guns . We are not antikill....but our organization will
have no part in such practices . There are those who believe the only acceptable
proof lies in a dead or living specimen captured for study . This may be
true....but if we had to choose , the latter would be preferred .
If you can't laugh at yourself
.....you can't laugh.Thanks
Homestar Runner for this
classic blurry photo evidence.
Please watch this short video from Youtube . It
contains information and footage of bigfoot and
bigfoot research that may change ones mind
about this creatures existence............
Matt Seeber
Our Organizations Brief
The Jacobs photos .....
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Established in  2005
Above footprint pic courtesy of Will
Above graphic design courtesy of Joe
Mastroianni of Cyberstationusa.com