East Tennessee Bigfoot Organization
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Late summer , early fall 1990....
Four witnesses see upright ape-like animal standing on the side of the road on hwy.95 between Lenoir City and Oak
Ridge  . Traveliing from Lenoir City around midnight toward  Oak Ridge near Bethel Valley Road . All four
witnesses notice bipedal animal standing approx 4ft. tall . Slender build with long arms to the knees , covered with
brownish hair from head to toe . Sighting was made on the Oak Ridge Wildlife Reservation . This area is swampy
with many pine trees and thickets . Lots of Govt. access roads and lots of restricted areas . {Sighting 001.}
June 2005
Eyewitness report from Roane County . Teenage boy up late at night shovelling sand out of his dads truck in the back yard of his home . At
approx. 230 am while shovelling sand eyewitness notices large biped watching him from less than 30 ft. away . He first thinks it is someone trying
to scare him or maybe a thief and begins to chase the person with the shovel . As he gives chase , the biped turns and runs away . witness notices in
the security light the animal is covered in long black hair and is very muscular . The creature lopes side to side as it runs and breathes heavily . No
visible neck is noticed  . Arms sway heavily and hands reach to below its knees . Creature stands approx. 6.5 to 7 ft. tall . Teen chases creature for
several hundred ft. till it crosses the road and enters the woodline . Creature then begins a series of whistles and then disappears . Witness
distinctly counted four heavy footfalls as it crossed the road .  Investigation findings show 4 footfalls within forty five feet  . suggesting an 8 to 10 ft.
gait  . {Sighting 002}
June 2005
Eyewitness reports large bipedal animal all in black outside her bedroom  window around 10
pm . Very tall and menacing . Breathing was loud and gutteral . Yellowish hue reflecting in
animals eyes  . Estimated height was 7 ft. tall . Animal was swaying back and forh in the
darkness . This report less than 2 miles from sighting 002 in Roane county . {Sighting 003}
Eyewitness reports early morning sighting of gorilla looking animal on two legs in the woods in
front of her home . Noticed creature as she stepped onto her deck while enjoying morning
coffee . Animal was slumped over digging in ther dirt then noticed her . Creature then stood up
and walked farther back into the woods out of sight . This sighting occurred at the same
location as sighting 003 . This witness is the mother of witness in sighting 003. {Sighting 004}
Eyewitness reports 130 am sighting just outside Oliver Springs in Anderson County at
Donovan bridge on hwy. 330 . Witness was heading home from work on a warm night . She had
her windows down and noticed a foul odor from the right side of the road before she got to the
bridge . As she got to the bridge she noticed something just out of her headlights crossing the
road . Thinking it was a deer , she turned on her bright lights to be sure . But as she slowed to
turn left onto hwy. 330 north , she saw a large black biped running up  the steep embankment
on the right . She estimated the creature to be around 8 ft. tall . Noticed it ran up the
embankment with great agility and speed . The biped ran up into the woods approx.20 ft. then
hid behind a tree , turned around and stopped , then stared back at her . She saw the glow of
her headlights reflecting in its eyes . She also noticed the lengths of its arms as being much
longer than human . At this point she hit the gas and  went home . Witness was rattled by her
experience. Investigation found no footprints or hair . Estimating the height of the
embankment where the animal climbed up as around 12 ft .Witness remembers animal taking
2 to 3 steps up this embankment with little effort . Embankment is estimated to be 70 degree
grade .This sighting location is less then 5 miles from the previous 3 sightings in the database.
These 4 sightings in all running east by northeast from west to east respectively.  {Sighting
005 }
All sightings reported directly
to East Tennessee Bigfoot .org
unless otherwise noted.
Creature was standing beside the bird feeder with
red roof. Feeder is approx. 5ft. 8in. tall . Witness
believes hight of creature was 6.5 to 7 ft. tall .
Creatures shoulders were above top of feeder
Creature ran with a wobbly action
between fence and clothesline and
decended down the hill
Creature proceeded down this hill
travelling between red car and power
pole  then moved into driveway this side
of street .
These photos show the
location where the animal ran up into the tree line . The distance is
estimated to be 15 feet where the Bigfoot climbed in 3 steps . The creature
was very agile and muscular .
2003 2004 no specifics given
This is a second hand report given to Matt on 4-17-06 by two individuals working for a plumbing service
. It was stated that a close relative of the men saw bigfoot cross the road in front of him near dusk . He
was driving near Paint Rock...... a community in lower Roane County Tn. The witness has since passed
away and no other details were available other than witness stated to these men it crossed the two lane
hwy. in four liesurely steps and looked right at him when it crossed . { sighting 006 }
April 22
Spoke to a friend who lives on Waldens Ridge....she stated that two weeks ago her and her husband were awakened
to the sound of what she described as monkeys whooping at eachother. They have heard coyotes many times and
even seen them but never heard these sounds before . They have also reported chickens and eggs missing , steel
traps ripped out of the ground , fences ripped from the sides of their barn  , and a turkey that went missing then two
days later was found at the fork of where two driveways merge sitting upright with its gullet and chest ripped out ,
dead of course . No coyote would do this . Neither would any other natural predator.........{ 007}
Johnson County encounter June 1995......nearest
town , Butler TN .  Email copied as received by
Matt S
I have posted this to another bigfoot website . But since this site is dedicated to East Tn .and there
seems to be no central repository of BF sightings , I thought I might post it here too .
It was a nightmare encounter in 1995 , June if I remember correctly . It was around midnight  , with no
moon and a ground fog . I was reading in my bedroom with the windows up as it was hot  , no AC . As I
lay on the bed reading  , I noticed the insects quit buzzing and then I heard the sound of footfalls just
outside the house  , maybe a foot from the wall .I turned out the light and grabbed my rifle which I kept
loaded { problems with coyotes and other pests in the past is why we kept a loaded rifle handy . }  I was
unnerved , but I did not panic .I lay there in the dark stockstill controlling my breath and analyzing the
sounds . I realized this animal had come from upwind as most animals do . I heard the biped walk to just
outside my fathers window and sniffed the air that waft outside from that room . Dad was'nt there that
night , I was alone . Then I heard quite clearly the sound of this great biped beast walk up to my window
and begin to smell the air coming out of my window  , about seven feet off the ground . I was only about
4 feet away and could hear quite well the breathing , very pronounced sniffing and the grunting it made
before it turned and left . It never did place its face directly in the window . To have done so would have
meant staring right into the muzzle of my rifle . I think it smelled the gun and did'nt like the smell . It
stood sniffing the air just off to one side of the window , but not exposing itself . The next morning I
found some tracks on the grass outside the window  , very large but indescriminate . Elongated like a
mans but bigger . The grass impressions were not the best for leaving a well defined track . Tracks
were about 4 feet apart . There was no mistaking then .
At first I thought it might have been a bear  , as they are common in our remote area . But this animal
walked on two legs and stood outside the window on two legs for 5 to 10 minutes , then walked away on
two legs . I find this unusual for a bear .
I am quite an expert hunter , having been hunting since the 1970's . I learned early on how to use all my
senses to gather information in the wilds , especially sounds and how to interpret them . I know what I
heard and it was as described . I don't mind saying the hair on the back of my neck was standing up . I
could sense its presence . Yet at no time did this animal display any aggresion whatsoever . It was
curious , but not particularly aggressive .
I never really thought much about it , but after talking to others in the area , I come to realize that my
encounter was not too isolated .  I learned of things I did not put together until I started talking about
my encounter . Seems like others in this area have had similar encounters as well . Other people had
sightings and sound eventssuch as mine. There have been little things taken from the remote
farms....broke tools , an old ragged scsrescrow , etc......things nobody would care about  , no human
would be dumb enough to steal . Some dogs have been mutilated , and some pretty strange howls and
hoots sometimes at night , corn being stolen off the stalk at night , ear twisted off like a man would do
etc. We never really thought about any of this being Bigfoot related  , but looking back on my encounter
, maybe it bears a little investigation .
I never did ascribe any supernatural powers to this animal , nor was it any kind of missing link . The
animal I encountered was just that , a large biped animal about 7 feet tall . It walked  ,  crept and stood
on its two legs outside my window for about 10 minutes and walked away on two feet . I think the
Bigfoot question needs to be addresses in a scientific manner , with humane treatment of the animals in
the bargain . My family has lived on this land for two centuries , never any aggression or attacks from
an animal matching this description . Some of the oldtimers reported rocksbeing thrown at them from
the brush , but none of the rock incidents were followed up with aggressive attacks . I'm not overly
scared of meeting one of these ....just curious . {008}
Monroe County near TN NC
border on Citico Creek....2004
I was at Citico Creek past Tellico Plains near the Tn  and NC  border I think in Monroe  County . About 2 years ago I was
camping alone on trail 105
{ I think thats the trail number } when I heard something coming down the hill opposite of my campsite . It was about eleven or
twelve so it was dark as hell . I got out of my hammock , I usually go really lightweight when I camp no tent or sleeping bag . I
got the fire going again , when I got up and about whatever  it was stopped . After about two or three minutes it moved parallel
probably about thirty or fifty yds. { estimated from the sound of the noise } and I heard it cross over to my side of the trail and
move up toward my camp . It stayed out of flashlight range , which was short because of the growth . Then it moved back across
the trail again and walked up the hill and went parallel with the trail again and crossed up ahead of me .I'm getting nervous
about this now because all I have for protection is a seven inch fixed blade knife that I always carry . Well whatever it was
moved down toward me for a bit then it moved back and crossed the trail went up the trail and I could hear it shuffle around till
about 4 or 5 in the morning. . I had a pretty good fire going and had broken some lightsticks and threw them around my camp
and across the trail to try and keep whatever it was at bay . When the sun came up I hiked out and went home. It took almost 2
yrs . to get my nerve up to go back there.I have only told about  ten people about what happenned because I never got into crap
like that . I've been on other websites but never told this story . I feel like this is different cause you guys are kind of local I
guess . I'm not one to get spooked in the woods . I've been camping 25 yrs .so I know sounds and what makes them . If it was a
boar pig it wound'nt have hung around all night and it wound'nt have got that close . Well anyway if you want more information
or to go out thereI'll be more than happy to help ......Take care , ________{009}
I spoke to this witness by phone and he
seemed honest and sincere about what had
happened to him . I then contacted our field
researcher for that area and he met with
the witness and visited the site of the
occurence . Even though the incident was 2
yrs old it was decided to at least have a
look around . Below is the investigators
Witness escorted me to the site where the encounter occurred  . The camp was located two miles from the main road  leading
into The Indian Boundrry Campground off hwy. 165 in Monroe County TN . The trail follows the Citico Creek all the way back
and is  densely forested with a variety of hardwoods and pine thickets . Witness informed me he had heard tree knocking in
this area on previous trips and a friend of his has heard whistling in this same area and said it matched the whistles on the
{Legend Meets Science } DVD . Witness also told me he had bumped into an elderly man on the trail a month ago and when
the old man found out that he was gonna camp back there asked ,  "Are'nt you afraid of the Bald Mountain Monster ?" Bald
Mountain is approx . 5 miles from this location....makes me wonder how many sightings may have gone unreported in this area
all these yrs  , if the locals have a name for it . The campsite was right on the creek and close to several game trails leading off
the mountain . Whatever he heard had to be large for it to be heard over the noise of the creek . He said it started about 11 pm
and continued till around 4 am .It never ventured into the lights of the camp or the lightsticks that he had thrown out around
the camp .It came down one of the game trails and stopped when he turned on the light he had on his helmet......Then it turned
and followed the ridge over to the other side of his camp and crossed the trail and then came back and forth around him
making several passes like a soon to be father in the waiting room . .He could distinctly hear heavy bipedal footsteps and
kinda sounded like it was dragging its feet . We found what might be a territorial marker in a grassy site north of his campsite .
We found a spot where something large had crossed the trail and went up the embankment and had broken limbs on a
tree....limb breaks were about 7 ft. off the ground...looked out of place because no other limbs in the area were broken which
may rule out the weather.We found what looked to be a smear in the mud like something had slid while trying to climb the
embankment . I would like to add that where this was found the creek is not really accesible so I don't see why a human would
have gone down  to the creek there .

Report gathered and submiited by field researcher  B. Horton .
Trailhead marker at Citico Creek .
Possible tree  limb break at 7ft .
Example of foliage denseness in
the area .
Our researcher in Johnson county Tn . was contacted by a man claiming to have possible BF pics on his game camera
.It was stated the man was using game cameras on his large property for deer scouting for the upcoming season . This
property is reported to adjoin govermnent property......most likely the Great Smoky Mtns National Park , but that was
not made clear to me .  The gentleman went to check his cameras and found one on the ground in pieces next to the
tree from which it hung....with teeth marks all over the body of the camera . Being a digital camera....the images were
intact . The camera had been 5 or so ft. off the ground . Two images were supposedly recovered from the camera .
One was said to be a shot of the teeth and inside of the mouth of something . I do not have a copy of this photo . The
other was said to be a facial shot of the creature as it reached for the camera . So....up for scrutiny now is the first
BLOBSQUATCH photo we at East Tennessee Bigfoot have received . We make no claims to its authenticity  nor
claim that what you see in the pic......if anything , is Bigfoot .  { no. 10 }
Johnson County Tennessee
Aug.  2006
Original copy I received....
Copy after using Irfanview filtering
I will completely understand the idea that I see here only what I wish to see in this
photo . I make no elaborate claims here......Matt
Something I see...
Another Possibility...
Anderson County
1973 approx.
Witness reports during the summer of 1973 or 1974 around evening  he and a friend were outside in his friends yard
passing football when a scream was heard from the treeline near the home . The scream was described as very powerful
and unlike anything the witness had ever heard . They both looked toward the treeline approx. 40 yards away and saw what
he believes to have been a bigfoot running away from them  . He stated he could see the creature from the waist up and
noticed it had brownish fur . He estimated the animal to have been close to eight feet in height . The sighting lasted only a
few seconds  . He noticed as the creature continued to flee that the trees and brush were parting  . He stated the animal was
of very large build but not fat , moved very fluidly and was "lanky" . At the time the area was not well populated . Witness
stated the weather was fair and warm and it was around 8 or 9 pm....near dark . The area was on Airport road near Oliver
Springs . As the crow flies the location is 1/4 to 1/2 mile from Donovan Bridge .Witness is still shaken by this event ...even
after many years . He does not ever enter the woods without a firearm in his possesion .  { NO. 11}
Anderson County.....Windrock area
late spring 1978 or 79
Spoke to witness by phone in April 2007  . She and her nephew both in their mid teens were returning from a friends house in the
Windrock community in Anderson county near Oliver Springs . At the time the area was much less populated and houses were
many yards apart . They were on foot walking from their friends house to their uncles house . As they left the friends house they
began down a path toward the road . As they walked the path something growled at them . They were startled and ran for the road
and this something began chasing them . She thought it may have been a mad dog or large cat . Once they got to the road they
noticed the footfalls of a 2 legged creature chasing them . They could hear the feet hit the crushed rock blacktop  . As she ran she
turned around once to look and saw a large bipedal animal covered in black hair following not too far behind . It was dark and she
could not make out any details but claimed the creature was at least 6 and 1/2 ft. tall . It had very long arms and she was sure it
could grab her if it tried . There was a street light in front of the uncles home and the animal stopped before it got into the light .
Both teens ran into the house screaming and the uncle fired shots out the door and into the air with his .22 calibur firearm . They
all heard the animal run from the road into the woods and  disappear . She also told of strange grunts and howls.......missing farm
animals and spooked horses at different times during her childhood at this location . { NO. 12 }
This report taken on 7-31-2009... via email . Identity kept confidential .

I live in Carter County TN. I am 39 and have lived here all my life. I was brought up in the woods . I have always hunted and
fished. Last deer season I was hunting on Pond Mountain in Carter County .It's a five mile hike one way to where I hunt. I saw
something on Nov. 12th while hunting up there. I thought it was a black bear at first but when it went thru a small open patch of
woods I saw something I had never seen before. It was 7 to 8 ft tall. The hair color was like that of a coyote and was maybe 4 to
6 inches long. It was walking with its head down and never looked up.I saw it for maybe 2 minutes. I have hunted these
mountains all my life but never saw anything like this. I have told no one about this, not even my wife. Who would believe you ?
I got so scared I left and have not been in the woods since.I sold all my hunting bows and even sold my grouse dogs. I know
something is up there. It's not a person , it's not a bear . I've shot plenty of bear in my 39 yrs. and have seen every size and
shape out there . The place where I saw I have NEVER seen another person. The mountain is very rugged and there are no trails.
It was very cold that day and it was headed for the sunny side of the ridge I was on. I guess it had a shelter or something to help
keep it warm and dry. I will never be back and I'll never tell anyone about this. I would never live it down.

Thanks , I needed to get that off my chest , even if it is just on a computer.
Be careful and bye from                      in Carter county Tennessee.             {NO. 13 }
Carter County
Tennessee...November 2008
Witness reports that over the course of two years she has had experiences with possible Bigfoot activity while
fishing on the Clinch River in Anderson county . While fishing at different times during the summer months ,
usually around 6pm in the evening , the witness reports growls , loud screams , and possible mimicking of her
coughing from the other side of the river where she fished . She also once briefly encountered a large biped from a
distance through the fog watching her but she did not get a clear visual of whatever it was .There were 4 separate
incidents. Witness lives nearby her fishing spot and has heard the same screams from her deck at night .She heard
the cattle bellowing as well in what she described as in sheer terror ....not the normal cow bellow. It may be
possible the cattle were being harassed by a Bigfoot . The witness is convinced she has encountered Bigfoot
activity because she has educated herself  on the subject .The witness has never felt threatened and continues to
visit the area which  is amid farmland with cattle and woodlands....

                                         Anderson County TN  {NO. 14 }
Anderson County Tennessee 2011
My name is _______and I'm a student at Lincoln Memorial University majoring in English and Biology
(Wildlife Mngmt).  On March 3rd (just a few days ago) at around midnight me and a friend ++++
experienced something we can't explain.

Around 9:30 we decided to have a camp fire so we hopped on my four wheeler and rode approximately
five miles up the lake to a rock outcropping that used to be an iron mine.  The best way to describe the
location is to say it's the Mill Creek area..  We parked the four wheeler and began to gather fire wood.  In
the mean time, we keep hearing owls hoot to each other from across the lake and the wind was starting to
blow.  As we gathered fire wood I kept hearing movement in the woods, but being a biology student, I
quickly dismissed it as a deer or some other natural animal.

At 10:30 we were sitting down enjoying a dip of tobacco and watching the fire when we kept hearing
something moving through the woods to our east about sixty yards from the fire.  Once again, we both
dismissed it.

Around 11:45 the wind stopped blowing and everything was perfectly still with the exception of the fire.  
The owls had stopped hooting and the lake was still, but we suddenly heard something in the woods
walking away from us.  The sound was very faint, but it was loud enough for us to make out the sound of
one foot being put down in front of the other.  I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I had seen
the bigfoot documentaries and something just made me want to see if I could get a response.  Besides, at
this point we had figured out that whatever had been in the treeline was too big and too brave to be a
deer.  A deer would have sprinted for the woods at the first sight of us, but yet something had been pacing
slowly through the brush earlier in the night.

After I knocked I waited for the echoes to clear and I listened intently.  ++++ said he heard a knock back,
but I didn't hear it initially.  I knocked the cedar against the tree again.  My heart was pounding out of my
chest as I waited for the echoes to clear, but then something happened that sent chills up my spine.  
Something in the woods knocked back.  Three distinctive knocks.  We looked at each other in disbelief
and ++++ was like "Maybe we should do a call".  I tried to replicate the call from Finding Bigfoot and
then immediately knocked twice.  A few moments went by with total silence, but just as we were about to
hop on the four wheeler and ride off we heard something I won't ever forget.  We heard a loud
knock--louder than the first three-- and then this guttoral growl that sounded like nothing I've ever heard
in my life.

We decided to go investigate so we started the four wheeler and tore into the woods trying to catch a
glimpse of whatever it could've been.  We stopped periodically to listen for footsteps, but never heard a
sound.  When we got to the end of the trail where there is a gate to a farm, I felt eyes on me.  I'm
completely certain that something was watching us.  It felt like someone or something was looking at me
in just pure hatred.  I don't even know how to explain it.  We rode out of there and back to my house as
fast as we could, but didn't hear anything else that night.  We've tried to explain what happened, but any
people that live in the area would have been in bed as it was late at night and quite cold.  And as for the
sound, we're both outdoorsmen.  We know what a bear sounds like and this didn't sound like anything
we've ever heard before.  Plus, I've never heard of a bear knocking wood together.  I hope you believe
I'm telling the truth, because I couldn't make this up.

I interviewed the witness at length on Saturday March 10th at 3pm . We rode on his 4 wheeler
to the location where the incident occurred  . After looking around a bit and deciding for
myself that this report was very credible I proceeded to look around a stagnant pool I had
noticed when we first rode into the area . I found this track....facing away from the water . It is
not a large track and could possibly be a bear . There were however no claw marks whatsoever
to be seen . I believe this track could be from a juvenile sasquatch.....pic posted below. A
dime is used to show size comparison.

                            Anderson County 2012  {# 15}
On Monday March 12, 2012 I was driving up Poplar Creek Rd going to Oliver Springs.Turned on
Ollis Rd. where Poplar Creek, Ollis and Malhoney Rds comes together, as I came across the bridge
that crosses Poplar Creek and around a curve there was something walking in the middle of the road
diagonally from left to right. It was at the center line when I first saw it and stopped. It was about
five to six feet in front of my truck and with three steps it was in the grass on the right hand side of
the road. It walked bent over at the waist and with its knees bent walked on two legs. It looked like
its hands hung about 2 maybe 3 inches below its knees. Its head was not round but had a slope back
look, its fur or hair was not long but not tight to its body and the color was a dark color since it was
around 12:00 midnight I could not tell if it was black or dark brown, Its head set more on its
shoulders like it had a short neck. It continued to walk to the tree line where the bank drops off to
the creek.
I'm Six foot one and it had to be around seven foot tall, at one point I had to lean over in my seat to
see the top of its head and remember at this point it was about five to six foot in front of my truck.
I have spent a lot of time in the woods and ran across a bear and a few big cats but never have I
saw anything this big.

The witness contacted me the very next day and my crew drove to the sight of the encounter . The
location is less than 5 miles from my home in Roane County . Our first thoughts were to walk the
creek bank looking for tracks since it was muddy there...to no avail . The witness was there and we
discussed at length the encounter . From all descriptions this was a classic road crossing . The BF
turned momentarily to look at the oncoming import 4x4 and turned its entire body as if indeed it had
no neck or at least limited neck movement . We backtracked from a field which was on the left side
of the road where the creature possibly emerged onto the road . There were several large yet
unknown tracks throughout the immediate area .As we returned to our vehicles one of the crew
noticed a possible track in the grass . To say the least it was quite intriguing . I believe the witness
as credible  . This person is well known in the community and has a positive reputation . He was
visibly upset and concerned as to what he witnessed . I believe he saw a Bigfoot. The link below
shows a small video of the possible track found at the scene less than 24 hours after the encounter.
Possible Bigfoot track in Roane County March 2012
      Click here for youtube video                  
Hi Matt, here is a drawing that I drew of what I saw
tonight, it was around 7:00 p.m., I was on my way to
pick up my kids, and as I went down the hill I caught a
glimpse of this brown, tall slender creature walking into
the woods. I only saw it long enough to see it took two
steps and went into the woods, it did not look back but it
was on the move. I could see that it had it's left hand
kinda tucked and it's left arm was out behind it when it
was walking but I could not see the right arm or from it's
thigh down for the weeds. I can tell you for certain...I
have heard things, but I did not believe or disbelieve in
this creature, but now I am 100% sure I know what I saw
and nothing can change my mind. After I called my
husband and told him, I pulled up into the driveway and
tried to call my mom to come out I was so scared to get
out alone, everything was so quiet out there you could
hear a pin drop, even the dog's was not making any
noise, anyway, I called but did not get an answer
because they were on the phone long distance, I had to
make my self use my phone as a light and sprint to the
back door, when I got in I told my mom and grandmother
what I saw and my mom walked me and my kids out
side. After the kids were in the car, me and my mom
were standing near the car after I had called you and we
both heard something big rustling in the woods, I was
talking and barley heard it but my mom said " Get in the
car now!!" we both heard 2 grunt's, I'm telling you now,
I'll NEVER go out there in the dark AGAIN alone.
I received this email and pic on Thursday December 13th after receiving a
phone call from the witness . My son and I  went to the location an hour or
so after the sighting and found nothing . The dogs in the neighborhood were
obviously excited . Went back the next day to search for any prints but
found none . I will continue to follow up on the location...Matt
December 2012 Anderson county #17
March 2012 Roane county # 16
My name is ______________ I live in KY. I have never made a formal report in my life to any Bigfoot
organization. I want to let you know about me first before I go into my encounter. I am 45 year old who
owns 4 small  companies across southern Kentucky. I am a deacon in my church and I am a very honest
person. I am well thought of in my community.

I had an encounter in February of 1986. I don't remember the day but it was on a Sunday. I was going
home from a trip I was on traveling on I-75 North. While traveling on Jellico mountain you will pass
exit 144 Stinking Creek. That night the moon was full and was very bright.  After going past the bridge
you will noticed on each side of the road 2 large valleys. So the moon was to my right shinning very
brightly down the valley. It was almost like daylight. traveling on you will enter a curve that bears to
the right now there are rock walls on each side of the road. in the rock wall ahead i noticed a gap in
the wall. The reason I noticed more was the moon was shinning like a spotlight through the gap in the
wall. The gap I noticed later was an access road that was constructed when I-75 was built. I kept
looking at the light and I had to slow down because of an 18 wheeler was moving slow in the fast lane.
So i kept looking at the light and as I approached the gap I noticed a figure that was 8 ft tall and had no
neck line walking toward the interstate. I could not see it face but I could see its hair which completely
covered it from head to foot. The hair was highlighted by the moon light and you could see it good. It
had very wide shoulders and had very long arms that were swinging. It was very cold outside so i
could see the steam rolling out of its mouth. After passing it took me a minute to calculate what I saw.  
I was going to try and turn around, but then cold chills ran down my spin I was to scared to turn and go

I told my family about but no one else. I would love to know if anyone in this area had ever seen
something like that in the area. I don't know what it was, but I have some ideals. I would like to know
more about what i seen.

February 1986 Campbell county TN #18
This report was copied from email
1-17-2013 . Changes were made to
protect privacy of the witness.
Witness reports involve two individuals  . The first report was given by K
who lives in Anderson county . He is an avid fisherman and spends much
of his time on the Clinch river and the many creeks that spill into it .
On October 12th 2012 K arrived at the rivers edge and began to fish as
he regularly does . He notices a large , brown stump has washed up close
to shore . after a few minutes of fishing he notices that this stump has
moved . K is roughly 25 yards from the stump . K continues to fish  . He
does not keep a constant eye on the stump  . He looks at the stump again
and it is now up on the bank . This is when K realizes that stumps dont
move like this . Perhaps at first the movemnet could have been that the
stump was moving in the water . But it was now out away from the water
completely . K decides it is time to leave . As he gets near his vehicle he
looks back and the stump is now at the tree line . He looks again as he
drives away and the stump is gone . All this happened over approx. 45
minutes . It was late afternoon . He says he never actually saw this stump
move....only when he looked away would it make its way back into the
woodline . He said this stump was very large and brown but did not have
any definitive shape .
Less than one month later ...K and his 10 yr old son B were fishing a
small creek less than 1 mile from Ks first incident . K notices a large  ,
brown figure leaned against a tree approx. 75 yrds away . He notices
only head movement as he and his son fish in the creek . K keeps a
constant watch as his young son continues to fish . K then sees this figure
throw a large branch into the water ......a good distance from them but
loud enough that his son hears it . Over a few minutes several sticks and
a rock are thrown into the water by this creature . His son B asks K what
he is looking at . K tells his son that he is not looking at anything ....not
wanting to frighten his son . B then asks if he is looking at the bigfoot . K
decides to take his son and their catch and leave . K says he believes the
bigfoot was very interested in the stringer of fish and what they were
doing to catch them.....as though it was observing . His son B will no
longer go fishing and is quite frightened when they drive near the area
where the sightings took place .
Anderson County October, November 2012   #19
Witness reports seeing a large creature sitting in a circle of trees just off
Mahony Rd. in Oliver Springs Tn . As she drives by she notices the large
dark figure sitting maybe 40 feet off the road under some trees with its back
to the road . She said it seemed to be digging in the ground in front of it .
She noticed very broad shoulders and long arms . This sighting took place in
broad daylight under stormy skies July 4th 2013 at approx. 1230 pm . The
witness often drives this road to and from work . She did not see it face or
any other distinguishing features .
I met with the witness and her mother on Saturday July 13th at 615pm . We discussed her sighting
and I then proceeded to investigate the area where she claims the sasquatch was sitting . There I
found this print . It measured approx. 14 to 15 inches long .There were also other possible partial
prints in the same area.....mostly heel impressions.....or what I believe could be heel impressions.
There were walnut trees and plenty of walnuts on the ground in the area but no empty hulls were
found .
Anderson/Roane county July 2013   #20
Click here for
video compilation
of this sighting

Sorry I don't know if I had submitted this before or not ,but i will tell you this story again.
In august of 1984 some friends and myself were camping in the woods above our homes
before the beginnng of school there were 4 of us from ages of 14 to 16.
We had been setting up our campsite, building a lean-to and fire pit we got settled in about
7:30 pm cooked some food ,and around dark began talking and joking around about girls and
each other typical boy talk , well we had been going on for about 3 or 4 hours when the
youngest of our group said he heard something we just teased him about it ,minutes or so
later 2 of them said they heard something we noticed a heavy musty wet dog smell and our
dogs a female husky and collie began pacing back and forth growling and whining we were
watching the dogs and began to get nervous ourselves when all the sudden the lean-to shook
violently and a loud ear piercing moan/ scream as if it were blasted from loud speakers
came from behind the lean-to I was sitting in front of ,well we hauled butt out of there, cut
and bruised from trees and briars 3 of us made it to the nearest house about a half a mile
away. and we noticed that our friend with his collie was not with us we yelled for him in
terror that he might be injured or worse. After about 2 or 3 minutes he came out of the woods
caring his dog scared almost to the point of being in shock he told us that something had
followed him out of the woods we asked him what it was and he said it just grunted and
breathed heavily while it walked behind him till he reached the little knoll at the edge of the
woods he was to scared to turn and look.
needless to say we knocked on the door and were let inside and slept in the garage of the
people that lived in the house.
I to this day have never seen a bigfoot or anything like that I served in the U.S Army and was
stationed at Ft Lewis WA for 3 years I never had an encounter with a bigfoot there.
I have seen black bears, Brown bears , Mountain lions in the wild ,and have heard their
sounds at night in the sierra Nevada's, and while on other hiking trips in the cascades while
stationed there. I do not believe this was a human pulling a prank or any animal that I know
of in the east tn area.
Our encounter was in Carter county in the valley forge community roughly 2 miles from Doe
river and bordering the Cherokee national forest , mountainous terrain with thick laurel
The report below was emailed
directly to East Tennessee
Bigfoot....it was copied and
pasted as sent from the witness.
Carter County...August 1984   #21
Encounter. Short.  
Grainger county Tennessee ,

Me and my two oldest boys were out just enjoying a warm fall day in the field behind my father in laws house. Playing
around pretend adventures.
After walking around in the lower field and sitting in sunlight we all if the sudden heard crashes coming from trees
somewhere in the distance.  Followed shortly by heavy footfalls.
I told the boys to be quiet and we slowly made our way up the incline near back of deviled and done old chicken houses.  
That's where a fence line is separating properties.

Past that fence is another wide and open field/pasture and at an angle from where I stood another fence row of a third
property about 150 feet away.  On the other side of that fence is a pond and a taller tree line,  and yet another field then
wood on down a quarter mike from that pond.

Back at the chicken house I saw the Sasquatch and pointed him out to the boys,  he was standing at third property near
taller trees  breaking limbs on ground and reaching into tress. Which I got a photo of.  We have a tree-stand near the
chicken houses where I climbed the ladder half way and snapped several pics again.  All blurry. But I'm watching the beast
with my eyes. As are my two boys.  I stepped from ladder and forward to a smaller chicken house again. And by then the
Sasquatch has come over fence onto second property    In field I snapped pics all blurry except one where I got him
hunched and turned toward camera. Got that shot. I was excited.  He then crossed back onto third property near tree line
again  and say near a tree watching us and eating what looked like meat off a bone or so etching off a tree limb, we called a
few times to us to no avail. But he soon got up and disappeared past pond. Knocking trees on his own and sometimes it
seemed in response to my oldest son knocking trees near us .    We finally went to third property after 20 mins or so and
found some apparent foot prints and then my son called out with his voice. An animal like sound. Not a quarter mike away
in a hollow on third property in woods. The creature answered back. At that we ran back to house on father in laws
property and shared our 40 min long experience.    Crazy. But my second siting in granger county Tennessee  I know for a
fact as do my boys from seeing with our own eyes and hearing with our ears.  Sasquatch is real and huge........ J ._______.
October 2014, written November 2014
4 members of our group travelled to Grainger County and met with J. and his family . He and his
boys were quite serious about what they say . J. was visibly stressed....even more so than his boys
. We took some photos and tried to re create the pics of the subject with our cameras but were
unable to do so . The landscape had changed so much because of the radical change in the weather
from the week before....we had a difficult time placing ourselves in the exact location of the
subject at hand . We are guessing the subject to be at least 7 ft. tall but our investigation was
simply inconclusive . The subject was far and above the height of the high weeds in front of it . I
stood as close as we could determine to the same location as the subject and the top of my head
was barely visible above the weeds . I am 5ft. 8 in.  There are several farms in the area and many
abandoned out buildings . There is also a grove of persimmon trees nearby and the location is less
than 1/2 mile from the Holston River . The exact location  , which is kept private was an area
where the corners of 4 properties met and barbed wire fences were being utilized for livestock .

      We will not draw red circles on the above pics . Our group can indeed see an unknown
subject in the first pic reaching up with its right arm into the tree above it . We are unsure about
the second pic . The last  pic of what might be a track is also inconclusive . That being said...we
believe J. and his sons to be credible witnesses that did see something that day which may have
been a Bigfoot in Grainger County .
Grainger County....October 2014       Report #22