Hey all...Matt Seeber here , Wow....where to begin . I suppose my youth would be
a good place . Back in the mid Seventies I had the opportunity to watch a
television show that sparked my interest in Bigfoot . That show was called ,
" The Mysterious Monsters ", starring Peter Graves as the voice over. . From that
moment on....I was hooked .
For many years my interest was no more than a passing one . But with the advent
of the internet information became quite easy to obtain . No more searching for
obscure books in local libraries.....all I sought was at my fingertips . I tried to learn
all I could....from all angles  . From the ape theory to the interdimensional shape
shifting alien theory , I studied up on them all . And for the record , I fall
somewhere in between as far as theory goes .
Then....in 2005  , my oldest son tells me  he has had an encounter with Bigfoot in
our backyard . WHOA !!!  "  OK son.....why are you messing with the old man  ? "
He assures me of his honesty . Well.....I believe him , with a grain of salt.
Then....two weeks later  , a neighbor from down our street claims to have seen a  
"gorilla looking thing " in the woods near her home . WHOA ! WHOA ! Then
shortly thereafter , I myself heard noises that I could not explain . Noises that have
been attributed to Bigfoot and associated with Bigfoot sightings . My sons and
neighbors reports can be found on the website database .
So now what ? Who was I gonna talk to about this  ? I contacted a famous bigfoot
research group  and was basically ignored . I contacted several other sites.....no
response .I got the feeling that my sons report was either not believed or was
unimportant due to the location of the sighting....East Tennessee .  Finally the
GCBRO contacted me and took my sons report .
That is when I decided to take it upon myself to form an organization for East
Tennessee Bigfoot sightings . I began handing out business type cards to ATV
riders and leaving them in mini marts . Sure....quite a few joke crackers out there
to say the least . But then I started getting phone calls from frantic people whose
experiences had left them shaking .
At last an opportunity came to get my message out to the masses . I was given a
spot on a local Knoxville radio show . During the show Ron Losey calls in and we
get together to discuss our shared interest . Hence.....easttennesseebigfoot.org
became a real organization . Yeah I know......just 2  of us . But hey......you gotta
start somewhere .
Finally , our organization seeks to never mislead  , misuse , or in any way seek to
aquire monetary gain from our interest and research . Don't get me wrong.....if we
find Bigfoot , we'll expect our due . But this is not our focus . We simply wish to
bring to light this ancient mystery .  Anyone interested in this vision is more than
welcome to contact us.....Thanks a lot.