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     For hundreds of years, there have been tales of large, bipedal entities living in and around human civilization. They are usually described as very tall...anywhere from 7 to 10 feet in height, some even upwards of 15 ft. They are covered with hair of different lengths and colors. They are said to be very stealthy and fast with extreme athleticism. Some are described as apelike. Others are described as very "human".

    Often times these sightings are accompanied by other strange occurrences...lost time, strange lights, eerie sounds, and of course...the smell. They are called by many names...Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Wood Booger, Whistle Jack, Mountain Devil, Yeti, Yeren, Yowie. Native peoples have a myriad of titles for these beings. They are considered by some as friend. Others see them as deadly and dangerous foes. 

     It is unclear just who or what these beings are. There are many different ideas. From a simply unidentified great ape to a dimensional traveler with vast intelligence beyond human comprehension. The theories are boundless. Regardless of the true origin of these beings, one thing is certain. They are real.

    East Tennessee Bigfoot is an organization dedicated to understanding these entities. We are always willing and ready to discuss a sighting without ridicule or skepticism. We are here to learn. Nowhere is there more opportunity to learn than eyewitness reports. We are here to listen and possibly help others understand what they have experienced. No sighting locations or personal info is ever shared with anyone outside our organization. Privacy and respect are our creeds. 

    If you have had an encounter, we would be honored to hear your story and even investigate the location if possible. We are East Tennessee only. But we know lots of folks all over the country that we might be able to get you in contact with. 

Email us at...

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